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              Semi trailer driving skills

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              Semi trailer driving skills

              Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

              Semi-trailer driving, load bearing, the most important thing is to bear a lot of weight, skeleton container semi-trailer standard so the current market began to choose semi-trailer. Semitrailer is good, but if it does not operate normally, there will often be various faults. Below, Yingkou Zhixin trailer manufacturing Co., Ltd. summarizes the driving skills of semi trailers.

              Semi trailer driving skills:

              First, the semi-trailer running on the highway now has many stalls, and the process of speeding up the gear is rather cumbersome. As a result, once the driver speed up, there is little change in the main idea of deceleration, they mostly experience driving skills to avoid some obstacles, and the use of brakes is naturally less, which is the basic cause of accidents. If a fault is identified, everything is unpredictable. Overloading and speeding is another reason why the semitrailer is easy to lose control. So the ordinary overloaded semi-trailer running up to a considerable amount of kinetic energy, the role of the brake is relatively weakened, coupled with overspeed, the brake bears much more than my ability. So often seen semi-trailer brake failure and so on this is the accident. Some long-distance heavy-duty semi-trailer drivers will inevitably be tired and lack of concentration due to long-distance driving, and others will be drowsy while driving, especially when the road is wide and straight, or long break down, semi-trailer drivers are most likely to form heavy accidents due to visual numbness.

              Skeleton container semi hanging standard

              Second, in the course of driving, if you encounter a heavy trailer in front of you, if you want to go beyond it, the best way is: first drive away from the truck about 100 meters apart, look at the road ahead, in order to ensure that the road ahead is in good condition, good vision, overtaking the steering lights, honking, strobe lights, and at the same time look at half-way. The direction of the trailer. If the semi-trailer does not occupy the road, and does not have the tendency to sway left and right, then increase the throttle to quickly overtake it. Don't jump into the lane immediately after passing. It's better to pull apart from the semi-trailer about 500 meters before turning back to the normal lane. In the whole process, we must grasp the direction, near the truck, the buzz and strobe headlights to stop at the same time, indispensable. Why do you want to do this? The purpose is to tell the semi trailer driver to overtake. Sometimes the sub-trailer due to overload, you can not see the flash prompt; there are also due to their own noise can not hear the call prompt, so the call and flash must be stopped at the same time, and in the whole process it is best not to continue. Even when a truck driver falls asleep, he can wake up by a horn and prevent accidents. Do not overtake yourself in the condition of corners or road conditions.

              Thirdly, special attention should be paid to driving at night. Semi-trailers are often in poor condition because of inadequate maintenance. It is common for them to have uneven lights or smoke. So the high speed semitrailer at night is a taillight, many lights are very small, so that no one can see the taillight. Coupled with the emission of smoke and smoke, it will seriously affect the field of vision. It is easy to make people feel foggy. So when driving at night, it is best to choose to drive on the overtaking lane. The sudden heavy smoke should be slowed down immediately to prevent the risk of rear end collision.

              Fourth, rainy days are also the high incidence of accidents, in heavy rainy days when the super heavy semi-trailer must also pay attention to skills, because the semi-trailer wheel rotation and roll up the mist will be very large, follow it or the side will make your front glass a blur, so when overtaking in addition to the horn, flash, wiper The state should also be in continuous working condition. It is best to increase the first gear or two gear in normal condition.

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