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              Tips for reversing trailers

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              Tips for reversing trailers

              Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

              Tips for reversing trailers

              Reversing is the most difficult technology for card users who are just in touch with semi trailers. Usually when reversing the semi-trailer and the tractor are running in opposite directions, and the trailer is usually very long, it is difficult to estimate the distance and angle. Hubei Ouyang Huajun Special Automobile Co., Ltd. summed up some semi-trailer reversing skills, to the needs of Ka Yo reference. Which is the skeleton container half hung?

              The semitrailer reverses in the opposite direction, and the driver who is in contact with the semi trailer needs to adapt for a period of time. When reversing, grasp the location and direction of the vehicle and check the mirror. If the trailer is long, or the terrain is complex and the field of vision is limited, it is better to have a person in charge of command under the vehicle, so it will be easier to operate.

              Mastering basic methods and understanding reversing skills

              Before reversing, adjust the front and body, keep the front and trailer as straight as possible, or tilt the front to the side of the target parking space, and then follow the basic method: to turn left clockwise driving the steering wheel, to turn right clockwise driving the steering wheel. Be careful not to kill the car one by one. The semitrailer is also corrected by the side of the car. If one can't turn around, it's best to lift the car forward and then go astern again.

              When the parking space is on the right, the steering wheel should be turned to the left to see the distance between the right rear wheel and the road jack. When you see the right rear wheel of the trailer entering the parking space, this time you need to speed up the direction, as soon as possible to get the body back to the right, while paying attention to the left side of the trailer wheel. Wait for the car behind.

              Which is the skeleton container half hung?

              and the front can be turned right, if it is still incorrect, it can be adjusted.

              Concentration and tranquil mentality.

              I know the basic method, and the rest is practice, but I must pay attention to the following points.

              1. Whether you go forward or backward, you must see clearly the surrounding situation. The limited field of vision can help the commander, but try to let the commander in the field of vision, keep the distance between the people and the vehicle, never follow the lead of Comrade Lei Feng.

              2, to maintain a good state of mind, no matter what the situation must be calm. If you can't get one, it doesn't matter how many more. Don't worry even if someone urges you to whistle. It's the driver who will understand.

              3. Be careful when reversing, slow down, even if the old driver is no longer skilled, do not take it lightly. Because there are many accidents that happen every year, so don't let them hurt you and others.

              Wish is the wind, happiness is the sail, wish is the boat, wish the wind blowing happy sail, carrying the boat of blessing, gently sail to your harbor; Hubei Ouyang Huajun Special Automobile Co., Ltd. wishes new and old customers happy to go out, safe home.

              Opening and semi hanging is a relatively hard and professional profession. Reversing the rear is even more technical. If you want to learn how to reverse, just know the principles and methods is far from enough, but also need to diligently practice their own, many teachers to consult. If you practice more, you will sum up your own tricks and experience.

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