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              Attention should be paid to downloading semi trailers.

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              Attention should be paid to downloading semi trailers.

              Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

              Attention should be paid to downloading semi trailers.

              Container semi-trailer can be reused and used for a long time. When container semi-trailer is used, it can quickly load and unload new skeleton container semi-trailer. It can be directly loaded into another tool by means of transportation. What should be paid attention to when container semi-trailer is downhill?



              1. Driving container semi-trailer, whether it is disc brake or drum brake, but long-term use of the case, it is difficult to avoid braking failure, so it should be equipped with auxiliary braking system.

              2. Driving container semi-trailer downhill, if the driving environment is poor, the main cause of braking failure is improper maintenance of the braking system, or excessive use of brakes will also occur.

              When driving a container semi-trailer downhill, you must control the speed and use the brake system properly, so there is no problem.

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