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              What types of container spreader can be divided into?

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              What types of container spreader can be divided into?

              Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

              What types of container spreader can be divided into?

              Telescopic sling

              The structure of telescopic hanger is composed of fixed base frame and telescopic beam. The semi-hanging direct pin telescopic beam of skeleton container is driven by telescopic driving mechanism to telescopic, so it can adapt to different specifications of containers. The telescopic and revolving locks of the lifting gear are generally driven by hydraulic pressure (and a few lifting gear are now driven by pure motors), which is controlled by the driver in the cab of the crane. Because there are many sensors installed on the lifting gear, interlocking with the lifting of the crane can greatly improve the safety of lifting container with the lifting gear and reduce various risks. In order to improve work efficiency and adapt to different crane lifting requirements, manufacturers have hangers installed a variety of mechanisms, such as hydraulic guide plate, tilting device, rotating mechanism, gravity center adjustment mechanism, etc., making the telescopic hanger more and more complex and more functions. The telescopic spreader is suitable for lifting all kinds of containers frequently in professional container terminals and yards. Therefore, the telescopic spreader is the most widely used spreader in large container terminals. The structure of this kind of hanger is complex, and its dead weight is also large, about 8 ~ 10t. The maintenance is also complex. It usually needs professional personnel to repair, and the repair cycle is long.

              Skeleton container semi trailer direct sale 

              Two. Fixed sling.

              1. Independent sling. From the connection with crane, it can be divided into fixed connection and separable connection.

              A. Fixed linked hangers are generally suitable for lifting containers of a single specification, and the movable pulley is usually installed directly on the hanger. The rotating lock mechanism of this kind of hanger is usually driven by power, so the crane needs a control circuit with the rotating lock of the hanger. The advantages of this kind of lifting device are that the lifting height can be saved, and because the lifting device is connected by multiple lifting points, the shaking of the lifting device can be greatly reduced, and the lifting device has no rotation. The working efficiency can be greatly improved by using the simple guide plate with the lifting device itself. Because the wire rope is directly wound on the pulley of the spreader, it will be relatively troublesome to replace the spreader.

              B. Separable linked lifting gear is generally suitable for occasions where the container type is more complicated but the lifting is not very frequent, or where both lifting container and other ordinary goods need to be taken into account. This kind of hanger has been well connected with the sling when the manufacturer leaves the factory. Users only need to hang the sling on the sling on the crane hook when using it. The rotating lock mechanism of this kind of hanger generally adopts the heavy hammer type or ratchet type, and does not need to install additional power source, so it is very convenient to install and use. Because the crane hook generally has no power to rotate, leading to the hanger hanging on the hook will also rotate, so the use of this kind of hanger need to be assisted by personnel below the box, in the yard more than 2 storeys, is not suitable for the use of this kind of hanger.

              2. Master slave type spreader. The sub-master spreader consists of 20-foot and 40-foot spreaders. The 20-foot spreader is a fixed connecting spreader used to hoist 20-foot containers. When 40-foot containers need to be hoisted, the 20-foot spreader is used to hoist 40-foot spreaders and the 40-foot spreader is used to hoist 40-foot containers. The 20 foot sling and 40 foot sling have their own power source to drive the locking mechanism. Because the upper lifting point of the 40-foot spreader is larger, the 40-foot spreader has a larger dead weight, generally more than 5 t, so the crane's lifting weight must exceed 45 t to use the spreader. The utility model has the advantages that the relative telescopic lifting device has the advantages of low price, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

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