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              Matters needing attention in trailers maintenance methods

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              Matters needing attention in trailers maintenance methods

              Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

              Matters needing attention in trailers maintenance methods

              The bad adjustment of skeleton container semi-trailer will directly affect the performance of the trailer, to a certain extent, it will affect the wear and tear of the fuel-consuming tire of the trailer, and even lead to accidents. A Trailer maintenance industry netizen, to each of us detailed explanation of the relevant knowledge of the adjustment of trailers, to everybody in peacetime maintenance of trailers should be helpful, the following small edit out hope to help netizens.

              Check parts to ensure good Trailer status.

              As for trailer adjustment, there are no complicated things on trailer structure. It mainly includes pulling arm, lifting lug, traction pin, balance beam, steel plate and other components. Although there are various adjustment methods, the most fundamental principle is still isosceles triangle. With good chassis condition and standard location, all problems of trailers can be basically solved. The trailer manufacturer starts with the following parts from the trailer site:

              Pull arm sleeve: first wear the lock bolt and replace the pull arm sleeve.

              For the fault of the boom, it is mainly the quality of the boom and the fastening of the locking bolt. The traction force of the trailer bridge is mainly pulled by the pulling arm, so the failure of the pulling arm affects the safety of the vehicle.

              Skeleton container Semi Trailer


              The pull arm sleeve is an elastic element whose main performance is cushioning and abrasion resistance. Some of the pulling arm sleeves have poor wear resistance, or high damage rate, good wear resistance and poor cushioning force, which requires the selection of different performance pulling arm sleeves for different vehicles, different transport environment. Wear or damage of the pulling arm sleeve is the main reason for tire wear caused by the trailer, so when adjusting the trailer, the pulling arm sleeve should be replaced first.

              Balance beam: irregular shell wear of the tire. Check the balance beam.

              The main function of the balance beam is to balance the bearing capacity between the axes. The most important factors affecting the running of the vehicle are the balance between the steel plate and the balance beam, and the elasticity of the steel plate (which will cause irregular shell-like tire wear).

              Leaf spring: breakage or strength reduction of steel plates, excessive wear of axle tires.

              The leaf spring is the main component of the weight bearing of the trailer. Its main function is to cushion. When the single stack steel plate breaks or the strength decreases, the tire of the axle will wear too fast. Therefore, balancing beam and steel plate inspection is also the focus of our adjustment.

              Traction pin: the deviation of the traction pin is too large.

              The traction pin is the link mechanism between the tractor and the trailer, which bears the traction force of the trailer and is the traction point of the trailer. Because it will appear welding deformation in the welding process, so its left and right deviation should be paid attention to in the adjustment process. The left and right deviation will cause the vehicle to tail off during the driving process. (General factory deviation is less than 5 mm, does not affect the vehicle tail flick) In general, the traction pin to which side of the trailer will be toward which side of the tail flick.

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