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              Semitrailers oil saving tips

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              Semitrailers oil saving tips

              Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

              Semitrailer's oil saving tips

              In the process of using semi-trailer, the greatest consumption is on the oil, single tire air suspension, so in order to reduce the cost of semi-trailer use, learning semi-trailer driving fuel-saving skills is very important. Generally speaking, there are many factors affecting the semi-trailer fuel consumption, including engine health, road conditions, driving habits, load, climbing, tire pressure and so on are important factors, semi-trailer fuel-saving work should start from these aspects.

              1, ensure sufficient tire pressure.

              The lower the tire pressure is, the greater the contact surface with the ground is, so the friction is large and the fuel consumption is not low naturally. Therefore, in order to save oil, it is very important to ensure adequate tire pressure.

              2, avoid starting or braking.

              Good driving habits are an important part of semi-trailer fuel-saving work, so, the driver in the operation of semi-trailer, the best uniform speed driving, avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

              3, semitrailer long time parking is best to flameout.

              If the semi-trailer is parked for more than five minutes, it is recommended to turn off the engine, knowing that 15 minutes of idling will consume a liter of gasoline.


              4, semi trailers should not be overloaded.

              No matter what kind of means of transportation, once overloaded, will undoubtedly bring greater consumption, semi-trailer is no exception, do not overload, especially for loading cargo dump semi-trailer, container semi-trailer and so on.

              5, the car is not extensive.

              This also requires drivers to develop good driving habits, "extensive" habits must be corrected, especially for good maintenance of the engine, once a problem occurs, it is necessary to repair in time, you know, regardless of the size of the problem, will reduce the efficiency of the engine, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption.

              Therefore, the semi-trailer is not impossible to save fuel, but we need to start from the day-to-day, a long time, not only will save a certain cost of semi-trailer use, but also can extend the service life of semi-trailer.

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