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              High strength steel car

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              High strength steel car

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              • Release date: 2018/08/21
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              High strength steel car

              Car can be made according to customer needs of different lengths, the frame is welded I-beam, the whole body is fully automatic submerged arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. After welding, shot peening treatment is carried out to eliminate welding stress and improve the adhesion of paint surface, so that the quality is stable and the appearance is beautiful. The upper chassis can be divided into two to three blocks, and the height is adjusted by hand hoist and cylinder. The enclosed front sheet adopts stamping wavelet pattern plate skin, the side adopts wavelet pattern plate or stamping corrugated plate skin, and the top is equipped with canopy rod and cloth. The vehicle is equipped with a toolbox, spare wheel rack, and a dripping brake system is installed to improve the safety of vehicle transportation.

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